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I’m glad you’re interested in purchasing one of my pieces.  Please send an email to me at kaye124us@yahoo.com.  I will figure the shipping cost and email that to you.  Add the shipping cost to your total and pay by Paypal.  That’s it.  You’re done.  I will carefully wrap your item and ship within 1 – 2 business days.  If you need the item sooner, that can be arranged also.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Nancy Jackson


Mosaic Pig

Mosaic pig

Mosaic “Cat” Single Switchplate

This single switchplate features a green-eyed cat with red bow, pretty china and a tail of black beads. Perfect for a cat lover!

Memory Jugs and my Mosaic “Memory” Planters

Memory jugs are just that, a place to put memories by putting everyday – seemingly useless – objects on a ceramic jug, glass bottle, or cement planter to remember someone or some event.

This folk art has long-ago origins, now lost, but these artworks were likely intended as memorials or simple idle-time crafts. Either way, the crafter wanted to remember someone or something from a drawer full of “stuff” – each piece with its own story, old or new.

I make my pieces from “found” objects and wonder about their stories. I can also make one for you from your pieces for which only you know the stories. So tell me your stories and how you want to remember them on an object, and I will make you a memorable piece that you will enjoy every day.

Below are 3X5-inch hand-poured planters I recently made with vintage jewerly, rocks, beads, tiles and found objects. There is a hole for drainage. They are the perfect size for a succulent and adds a bit of whimsey to any garden.



Mosaic Picture Frames

This “dog bone” picture frame measures 6 1/2″ X 8 1/2″ and the actual picture should meausre 4″X6″. Three ceramic dogs sit on the lower left corner and I made the polymer clay dog bone. It’s whimsical and fun and perfect for your pooch.

dog bone made from polymer clay…

Mosaic Double Switchplates

This mosaic double switchplate is built on a wood frame and features a smoking pipe, a pair of men’s slippers, lots of pretty dishes and an ace of spades. It would make a nice addition to any man’s office. – SOLD

And this double switchplate is also built on a wood frame and is definitely for racing enthusiasts. It even comes with a key! – SOLD

… Rooster Switchplate – SOLD

…Lizzard Switchplate – SOLD

…closeup of lizzard Wink

…and let’s not forget the polymer clay leaf

…Butterfly Switchplate

Fanciful Flamingo… – SOLD

closeup of flamingo…

and my signature leaf. Laughing

Cow switchplate. – SOLD

Mermaid Switchplate – given to my daughter, Melissa.


I made these magnets recently and they’re perfect for the fridge. I have several on mine just because they add a touch of color to an ordinary black fridge. My husband thinks the clown head is kinda creepy but I like it. Tongue out

Mosaic Leash Holder

Mosaic Dog Leash Holder

Closeup of paw print

I made the dog bone from polymer clay…

Little ceramic dog I found on Etsy.

Mosaic Letter “B”

I made this letter “B” for my Mother-in-Law, Bev. She loves gardening, frogs and sparkle. I placed a special sparkle next to the rose.

The frog has a little sparkle, too!

I covered the back with pink and green paper to go along with the garden theme.

About Me –

My name is Nancy Jackson. I’m a life-long gardner and self-taught mosaic artist living in Huntersville, NC. When I’m not planting or trimming something in my garden, I can be found working on my latest mosaic piece or my newest hobby – Fairy House Design. I am a perfectionist about my work and even somewhat compulsive about it. It’s not just a hobby for me but a true passion. Everywhere I go and everything I see, I am thinking how I could apply it to some design I am creating or desire to create…it is a sickness really . But, I glady admit to the fact that I am not going to get over it anytime soon.

I hope you enjoy my website. Thanks for dropping by.

Nancy Jackson


If you want to contact me, please send an email to: kaye124us@yahoo.com