Clowns and Alligators

Everyone needs a clown magnet, right? Right.  And this is perfect for the fridge or magnetic board.  I had a clown figurine and it broke but I kept the pieces hoping to work them into a mosaic one day.  Well, I did it. 

This next magnet reminds me of home, Shreveport, LA.  Lots of gators in the state of Louisiana – especially in the southern parts.  I would NOT want to get up close and personal with a gator but I see no harm in mounting a plastic one on a fridge magnet. 

Fanciful Flamingo Switchplate

I bought this fanciful flamingo last month when I visited Savannah and Tybee Island.  It’s the perfect combination for this particular dish I broke apart.  The colors are more vibrant than what you see here.  It’s very fun and whimsical…perfect for a kid’s room, beach house or even bathroom – that’s where I have this one.   

closeup of flamingo…

my signature leaf.


Savannah, Georgia, June 24, 2913

My husband and I celebrated our 6-year anniversary in Savannah and Tybee Island, Georgia during the week of June 24th.  We always stay at the Eliza Thompson Bed & Breakfast in Savannah.  It’s a charming B&B and the rooms are lovely.


 …hallway inside the house

 …outdoor dining area


…beautiful old homes in Savannah

 …one of the squares that run through the historic district.  At present there are 22 squares left of the original 24.

 …and I love this whimsical fish fountain.  Tongue out