Now we’re rolling -gluing on the pieces

I began by gluing a big yellow bird next to the birdhouse’s entry hole. This bird was part of a set of salt and pepper shakers and I thought re-purposing it was perfect for this project. After the yellow bird was in place, I continued gluing each piece – broken china and many “found” items- until I had covered the entire birdhouse. Now, it’s so heavy! 🙄  After I grout each panel of the birdhouse, it may be too heavy for me to carry, which is what a husband is for (tote and fetch…sort of like a big dog or a donkey as my husband’s name is Jack).  😀

Big Yellow Bird!  😆

Next post will be all about the grout…getting heavier by the day.  Ugh!  😯

Large Mosaic Birdhouse

This project started when I found this wooden birdhouse at a local thrift shop in Tybee Island. The asking price was $90.00.  👿 Oh, heck no! I really wanted it, so I offered $30. Soon, I was walking out with my new birdhouse.  😀

This is what it originally looked like with a few items attached to it, but I saw it as a blank canvas for me to mosaic.

It sat for almost two years, and I finally started the process, which you can follow in my next posts. My husband has offered many suggestions that, of course, I have ignored. One artist in a family is enough. He means well and did “bird dog” (i.e., find) many of the pieces I used on this birdhouse. He also graciously agreed to move it around many times until I decide its final place.


The house has some unique features such as the wood top.  And I like the horseshoe and perch.

To be continued…..