My husband loves penquins so I made one.  I used black and white china, buttons, black beads and I made the bow from polymer clay.  After I paint the clay pieces, I put a coat of clear, finger nail polish on top to make it shine.  Then I spray the entire piece with clear gloss. 

Ta-Da – black and white penquin with shine.

Shiny red polymer clay bow…

Buttons and black beads.

It’s a Faerie!

The last time I ordered forms on eBay, I bought a few that I’ve never tired before.  The faerie is one of them and I’ll admit, it was a bit tedious to mosaic.  First of all, it’s small.  She’s 9″ tall and 2″ at her hips.  I had to use very fine, thin china and cut the pieces very small.  Her wings have an iridescent glow but it was hard to capture the true color.  All-in-all, I’m pleased with the outcome. 


fairy wings…




My newest mosaic birdhouse!

The anticipation of spring inspired me to make this whimsical birdhouse!  I repainted the bird to match and filled the house with lots of pretty china, buttons, beads, polymer clay objects and rocks.  I love the mischievous smile on the bird’s face.  Cool

 side view


  …happy bird.


My 13 1/2 year old dachshund, Griffin, was diagnosed with cancer several months ago and his veterinarian went above and beyond to help. I made this plaque as a jester of thanks for all that she has done.  Thank you, Dr. Goodwin.  Main Street Vet, Cornelius, North Carolina.