Memory Jugs and my Mosaic “Memory” Planters

Memory jugs are just that, a place to put memories by putting everyday – seemingly useless – objects on a ceramic jug, glass bottle, or cement planter to remember someone or some event.

This folk art has long-ago origins, now lost, but these artworks were likely intended as memorials or simple idle-time crafts. Either way, the crafter wanted to remember someone or something from a drawer full of “stuff” – each piece with its own story, old or new.

I make my pieces from “found” objects and wonder about their stories. I can also make one for you from your pieces for which only you know the stories. So tell me your stories and how you want to remember them on an object, and I will make you a memorable piece that you will enjoy every day.

Below are 3X5-inch hand-poured planters I recently made with vintage jewerly, rocks, beads, tiles and found objects. There is a hole for drainage. They are the perfect size for a succulent and adds a bit of whimsey to any garden.