Mosaic Mirrors

Mosaic Fish Mirror

Do you live by a beach, want to live by one, or maybe have a room with a beach theme? Then this fun and whimsical beach mirror will be a great addition to your home. Every glass bead, shell, mirror, and piece of jewelry was hand set by me for a truly one-of-a-kind piece. The wooden base measures 15” across and the mirror is about 6”. The back is painted and the hanger is attached. The piece is very solid and weighs about 6 pounds.


Mosaic “Sea Treasure” Mirror

This one-of-a-kind mosaic piece measures 18 x 16 inches. It’s filled with lots of shells, vintage jewerly, rocks, glass beads, drift wood and found objects. Perfect for a beach house or a beach-themed room in any house. Whimsical and colorful. Hardware attached for hanging.

The miror is filled with lots of shells, beads, jewerly and found objects.


Blue, Red and Orange Mosaic Mirror


The floral mosaic mirror was made from a set of china given to me by my mother-in-law. We did not have a full set and I wanted to preserve some of the dishes.