Large Mosaic Birdhouse

This project started when I found this wooden birdhouse at a local thrift shop in Tybee Island. The asking price was $90.00.  👿 Oh, heck no! I really wanted it, so I offered $30. Soon, I was walking out with my new birdhouse.  😀

This is what it originally looked like with a few items attached to it, but I saw it as a blank canvas for me to mosaic.

It sat for almost two years, and I finally started the process, which you can follow in my next posts. My husband has offered many suggestions that, of course, I have ignored. One artist in a family is enough. He means well and did “bird dog” (i.e., find) many of the pieces I used on this birdhouse. He also graciously agreed to move it around many times until I decide its final place.


The house has some unique features such as the wood top.  And I like the horseshoe and perch.

To be continued…..

Mosaic Commission – NCPTA – North Carolina Physical Therapy Association

I was thrilled to be commissioned to do a mosaic piece for the head office of the North Carolina Physical Therapy Association in Raleigh, NC.  The pieces were the letters “N, C, P, T, A.”  I carried a basic color theme throughout and included special, visually interesting pieces in each letter.  My goal was to be conservative – I’m known for being a bit whimsical – okay, VERY whimsical.  The project was a lot of fun and I was so honored to have been asked to make these letters.

Mosaic Letter “E”

One of my sisters-in-law asked me to make a New Orleans’ themed letter “E” for her boss.  He loves New Orleans, so I pulled together the brightest pieces I could find and went to work.  I made the leaves and crab from polymer clay.  I found the metal Mardi Gras mask at Goodwill and the jazz singer at a locat antique store.  






Gone Pickin!

My husband loves to go picking on his days off and he usually comes home with a piece …. or six … of china and various other things I use in my work.  As you can see from the photos, I’m building quite a stash.  I love “chunky” mosaics so these are the perfect pieces.  Lots of color and texture here.


I used some of the roses on the vase (right) in my mosaic heart.


I love the ceramic jukebox.  I wonder where it will end up.

I love this purple and green bowl and cannot bring myself to break it.  But I’ll need the colors at some point and I’ll do it.  For now, it’s just going to sit on the chest and look pretty.

As you can see, I’m building quite a stash.  I’m running out of room so I had to use the top of my sweater chest to store things.  One day these will all be in a mosaic and I’ll have a whole other supply of ceramics.