Rescued Orchid

On a trip to St. Simons Island in 2015, my husband, Jack, and I were at a local fish store when he noticed a cat coming out of a wooded area and sauntering toward a dumpster.  Then he (Jack, not the cat) noticed something on the ground in front of that dumpster.

Always curious he (again, Jack, not the cat) got out of the car and approached with caution because we couldn’t tell what the object was. When he realized it was a tray of discarded orchids, he asked me if I would like to keep them.  Would I like five FREE orchids?  Of course!  What a silly question from Jack (one of many), but maybe that’s what the cat was trying to ask.

So we loaded them all (the orchids, not the cat, who returned to his woody lair) into the car and took them back to the beach house where I immediately began researching how to care for them.  I’ve never had an orchid, but I was certainly up for this challenge.

What I quickly learned from my research was NOT to over water them and to buy orchid potting mix and never, EVER, plant them in regular dirt. Sounded easy enough, so I bought a bag of the special stuff and re-potted 2 of the 5 rescued plants.  It would have been nice to save all 5, but I realized I could only possibly save 2.

After less than a year, one of our (Jack is helping by doing nothing, which he’s good at) rescue orchids is beginning to bloom!  Below are a series of pictures I’m taking to show its progress.  I’m so excited and can hardly wait to see the beautiful flower.  Oh, and I’ve learned that this is a Phalaenopsis Orchid and told Jack, who promptly forgot.

Anyway, I should also mention that I’ve been fertilizing them with African Violet fertilizer.  I know, it’s not what everyone recommends but, hey, IT’S WORKING!

As we await the arrival of our first blossom, Jack continues to do nothing (and hasn’t brought home a stray cat….yet), but he has agreed to prepare a lavish dinner when our first orchid blossoms.  🙂


June 7, 2016

June 8, 2016

June 8, 2016


June 9, 2016


June 11, 2016


To be continued on the next blog post…..