Mosaic Commission – NCPTA – North Carolina Physical Therapy Association

I was thrilled to be commissioned to do a mosaic piece for the head office of the North Carolina Physical Therapy Association in Raleigh, NC.  The pieces were the letters “N, C, P, T, A.”  I carried a basic color theme throughout and included special, visually interesting pieces in each letter.  My goal was to be conservative – I’m known for being a bit whimsical – okay, VERY whimsical.  The project was a lot of fun and I was so honored to have been asked to make these letters.

Fanciful Flamingo Switchplate

I bought this fanciful flamingo last month when I visited Savannah and Tybee Island.  It’s the perfect combination for this particular dish I broke apart.  The colors are more vibrant than what you see here.  It’s very fun and whimsical…perfect for a kid’s room, beach house or even bathroom – that’s where I have this one.   

closeup of flamingo…

my signature leaf.